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What is the recording speed of CD-R?


The "speed" rating of a CD-Recorder determines how fast it can record data to blank CD- R media. Speed designators, such as "1X," "2X," "4X," "6X," "8X," and "12X" define multiples of the original playback speed of first generation CD-ROM players. For a CD- ROM player or CD recorder, a 1X speed translates to 153,600 Bytes per second. This is usually rounded down to 150 KB per second. Therefore, a "1X" recorder writes 150 KB per second to the CD-R media. Likewise, a "2X" recorder records at 300 KB per second, and a "4X" records at 600 KB per second. Note that there are some variations in measuring speed, because there are recording modes that provide more than 2,048 data bytes per block (audio is recorded at 2,352 bytes per block). Also note that some CD recorders have a different reading speed than their rated recording speed. For instance, a "4x4x32" CD recorder can write at 4X speed, rewrite at 4X speed, and read back at 32X speed (4,800 KB per second).

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