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What is the difference between 'Disc-at-Once' and 'Track-at-Once'?


Disc-at-Once should be used primarily with recording audio discs. Disc-at-Once is designed to eliminate the 2 second gap that is between the audio tracks on an original audio CD after it is recorded. If you choose the Disc-at-Once feature during the recording process, the final copied CD will not have the 2 second gap in between tracks and the music will be continual play. Not all CD recorders support Disk-at-Once. Track-at-Once can be used for both data and audio discs. Track-at-Once keeps the 2 second gap between the audio tracks. When recording in Disc-at-Once mode the laser on the drive stays on continuously while during the Track-at-Once mode recording, the laser will turn off and on in between the tracks.

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