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How do I disable the Auto insert notification feature within Windows 95/98?


Auto insert notification causes the CD to start playing or spin up upon closing the CD drive tray. In order to turn off the auto insert notification feature, first go into the 'Device Manager.

1) You can access the Device Manager by clicking on the Start Menu/Settings/Control Panel/System/ and the Device Manger tab.

2) Click on the '+' by CD-ROM which will display the CD drives in your system. Double-click the on the specific CD drive to check the auto insert feature.

3) Click the 'Settings' tab and look under the section titled 'Options.' Listed under the options you should find Disconnect, Sync data transfer, and Auto insert notification.

4) Please uncheck the Auto insert notification option box by clicking on it. If you have done this successfully, there will no longer be a check mark in the box next to Auto insert notification.

Windows will then ask you to restart your computer for the change to take place, please click 'Yes' to reboot.

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