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My Sony drive will not detect a blank DVD or CD, how do I resolve this?

  • You need to ensure you are using the recommended media posted on the media compatibility guide.
  • If you are already using the recommended media, please ensure you have the drive installed alone as a secondary master. If you are not sure of the install, please refer to the installation video clip.
  • Make sure the drive is listed okay in Device Manager. To ensure this, right click My Computer/Properties/Hardware/Device Manager. You should have a listing here for DVD/CD-rom drives. Double click on the Sony drive and make sure there are no yellow ! marks on the drive.
  • Make sure your System/Nero ASPI files are not corrupt. Go to Nero/Nero tool kit/Nero info tool. Click on the ASPI tab. In the arrow down tab, check both your system and Nero ASPI files. At the bottom, it should display ASPI is installed and working properly. If it does not, please get the latest ASPI update.
  • Get the latest Firmware updates available for your drive.
  • Make sure you have DMA turned off.
    • Right click my computer
    • Choose Properties
    • Choose Hardware
    • Choose Device Manager
    • Double click on IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers
    • Double click the Secondary IDE Controller
    • Choose Advanced Settings
    • Change both Device 0 and Device 1 to PIO only.
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