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IDE Installation Guide

IDE Installation Guide
1) With the computer shutdown and all the power disconnected, open up your computer. Remove the cover mounting screws and then the cover.
2) Determine which master, slave, or cable select setting you'll be using by connecting the jumper accordingly. The jumper is a small piece of plastic covering the 2 pins just to the left of the EIDE 40-pin interface port if you are looking directly at the rear of the drive. The Master setting is set by covering the 2 pins furthest to the right, the Slave is the center 2 pins, and Cable Select is set by the 2 pins furthest to the left. A few computers prefer the Cable Select setting, while most accept Master/Slave. Check your computer s documentation for assistance. For best results, connect the Sony drive alone to the secondary EIDE port as the Master.
Note: If another drive exists on the same EIDE port, the jumper settings must not conflict. One drive must be set as Master, and the other as Slave. If Cable Select is used, both drives must use this setting. 
3) Slide the drive into the bay, making sure you don't let the drive touch any electronic components in the computer.
4) Connect one end of a 40-pin ribbon cable to the EIDE interface port on the rear of the CD-R. Pin 1 of the cable (marked red) must be oriented toward pin 1 of the CD-Recorder connector. The cable connector is keyed so that it fits in only one way.
5) Connect the other end of the 40-pin ribbon cable to the interface port on the controller card or motherboard, again aligning pin 1 to pin 1.
6) Connect a power cable to the drive. These are the multicolored cables extending from the power source inside the computer.
7) Before booting the computer, check to ensure that the connections between the drive and the computer are firm, and that switches are set to the correct positions. Reconnect the peripheral cables and then the power cables. Start your computer.
8) Ensure that the drive is detected by the Windows Operating system. Replace the computer cover.
9) Install the software.