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New System Software Update for VRD-MC5

New System Software Update for VRD-MC5

  Effective January 27th, 2010, a new system software update will be made available to VRD-MC5 users.


1) Fixes an intermittent recording problem that may happen during “one-touch disc burn”. A part of footages may not be properly copied to DVD if AVCHD footage recorded at [HD FX] mode and other modes exist in a Handycam® camcorder.

 * Please note that even after the system software upgrade video footage recorded with a Handycam® camcorder at [HD FX] mode cannot be copied to DVD as AVCHD footage.

 To download and install the new system software and documentation please go to Firmware/Drivers/Utilities section and Documentation section of the VRD-MC5 support page.