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Do You Need a Driver? (Internal Optical Drives)

When I try to install Nero it keeps asking me for a serial number. Why?


This could be due to an older version of Nero that was installed on your system. Please try the following.

  • Uninstall the Nero software from your add/remove programs.
  • Run the Nero General Clean tool located at this site: Nero Tools
  • Remove all other burning programs such as any old versions of Nero or Roxio Easy CD Creator
  • Reinstall the Nero software. (Do not input any numbers in the serial number field during installation)
  • Get the latest Nero updates at: Nero Updates
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Optical Product Parts and Accessories Information

The Sony Electronics Inc. optical product you have purchased is supplied with the parts, software and accessories needed to use the product.   If you need to obtain additional or replacement parts, software and accessories for your optical product then the storage support team will attempt to obtain it for you at your sole cost and expense.  Product information guides, manuals and other documentation packaged with the optical products normally can be downloaded directly from this web site. 

IDE Installation Guide

IDE Installation Guide
1) With the computer shutdown and all the power disconnected, open up your computer. Remove the cover mounting screws and then the cover.

Nero Software Tutorials

The below attachments are Nero recording guides that will give step-by-step instructions.

How do I update Nero 7 Essentials to work with Windows Vista?


For an Adobe .pdf version of these instructions with screen shots, click here.

  1. Click on the following link: (or paste the link in your web browser)
  2. Download the Nero update file to your PC.
  3. Double click on the file you just downloaded to Install the Nero Update.
  4. At the Customer Information screen, click on How to find the Serial Number.
  5. The following screen instructs you to insert your Sony Software Disc and click Check.
  6. The correct Serial Number is now embedded in your Nero Update. After finishing the installation process your software is Windows Vista Compliant.
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I have Nero 7.0 and receiving the following error message "Your 30-day trial version of MPEG-4 Video decoding support has expired" How can this be resolved?


To resolve this, click "Cancel" to proceed with the recording process or click "Buy Now" to purchase the MPEG4 codec.

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I am getting an error message when installing Nero 7: The file (xxxx.dll) cannot be installed because the file in the cabinet-file ( cannot be found. How do I resolve this?


It is likely that drivers of a previous Nero version are left on your computer and these drivers prevent the proper installation of Nero 7.0. You will need to run the Nero General clean tool to fix this issue.

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The computer boots up and the BIOS can recognize the primary (master/slave) hard disk drive, but it cannot recognize all devices connected to the secondary hard disk drive. Why?


Is the power connected?

Is the IDE interface cable correctly connected? (Make sure it is completely plugged in)

Is the setup correct? Is the position of the jumper pin correctly set?

In the BIOS, is the secondary disabled? (For detailed information on BIOS settings, please contact the PC's manufacturer)

Is the secondary's interface cable too long? (Has it exceeded the ATAPI specification of 18 inches/45cm?)

Is the IDE cable's pin twisted? (Also, make sure there is no reversed insertion.)

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My Sony drive will not detect a blank DVD or CD, how do I resolve this?

  • You need to ensure you are using the recommended media posted on the media compatibility guide.
  • If you are already using the recommended media, please ensure you have the drive installed alone as a secondary master. If you are not sure of the install, please refer to the installation video clip.
  • Make sure the drive is listed okay in Device Manager. To ensure this, right click My Computer/Properties/Hardware/Device Manager. You should have a listing here for DVD/CD-rom drives. Double click on the Sony drive and make sure there are no yellow ! marks on the drive.
  • Make sure your System/Nero ASPI files are not corrupt. Go to Nero/Nero tool kit/Nero info tool. Click on the ASPI tab. In the arrow down tab, check both your system and Nero ASPI files. At the bottom, it should display ASPI is installed and working properly. If it does not, please get the latest ASPI update.
  • Get the latest Firmware updates available for your drive.
  • Make sure you have DMA turned off.
    • Right click my computer
    • Choose Properties
    • Choose Hardware
    • Choose Device Manager
    • Double click on IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers
    • Double click the Secondary IDE Controller
    • Choose Advanced Settings
    • Change both Device 0 and Device 1 to PIO only.
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