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Drivers for External Optical Models

Operating System:

Do you need a Driver? (External models)

All Sony Optical external units are plug & play with Windows, no drivers are required for detection.

Optical Product Parts and Accessories Information

The Sony Electronics Inc. optical product you have purchased is supplied with the parts, software and accessories needed to use the product.   If you need to obtain additional or replacement parts, software and accessories for your optical product then the storage support team will attempt to obtain it for you at your sole cost and expense.  Product information guides, manuals and other documentation packaged with the optical products normally can be downloaded directly from this web site. 

BHA Software Tutorials

Please visit the url below for all of the latest information on the BHA Software.
BHA Software Information

B's Gold Audio Extraction Guide

Please click on the link below for the B's Gold Audio Extraction Guide.

B's Gold and B's Clip Quick Guide

File Type:

Please click on the PDF below for the B's Gold and B's Clip Quick Start Guide.

B's Recorder Gold Manual

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Please click on the PDF below for the B's Recorder Gold manual.

B's Gold 5 and [Windows 98, 98 SE & XP] The windows are not displayed properly, e.g. the buttons are black/grayed out, or the windows is broken.


The problem may be in your computer settings.

1. Try changing the hardware accelerator settings.

a. Double click [System] in the Control Panels.

b. Click the [Performance] tab in the System Properties window.

c. Click the [Graphics] button under Advanced Settings.

d. Adjust the [Hardware Accelerator] setting and see if the window appears properly.

2. Reinstall or update the display driver. * For more details regarding reinstalling the driver and driver version, contact the computer manufacturer or the graphics card manufacturer.

3. If you are using Windows XP, check that the compatibility mode is not set to Windows 2000 using the following procedure.

a. Right click on the application shortcut, then select [Properties] from the pop-up menu.

b. Select the [Compatibility] tab.

c. If the [Run this program in compatible mode for] option is enabled (checked), disable (uncheck) it.

d. Click [OK], then try launching B's Recorder GOLD5 again

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When trying to play a DVD movie with Power DVD the sound/video is distorted.


Please try the following to fix this issue:

1. Disable the "Enable Audio Digital" for the DVD drive . To do this go to Device Manager, right click on the Sony DVD drive , go to Properties and remove the check from "Enable Audio Digital".

2. Make sure you have the latest upgrades for you sound and video card. Please contact the manufacture of these cards for the updates.

3. Disable your Anti-Virus programs. Some Anti-Virus programs will start up when you try to play a DVD movie and cause distortion.

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When installing the Power DVD software bundled with the Sony drive on myVaio computer, it causes Vaio "TV Output" and other such functions to become unavailable. How can I resolve this?


If you are using a Vaio computer with a preinstalled version of Power DVD, installing the Power DVD version supplied with the drive may cause these issues. We recommend that such users use their preinstalled version of Power DVD instead of the one supplied with this drive.

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Can I create a bootable CD with B's Recorder Gold?


Yes, this software will create a bootable CD. Please refer to page 81 of the B's Recorder Gold Manual for step-by-step instructions.

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