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Can tapes be exchanged between Sony DDS tape drives and DDS tape drives from other manufacturers ?


Yes! DDS1, DDS2, DDS3, and DDS4 standard formats allow the use to interchange tapes between different manufacturer drives. However, the user needs to ensure consistency in terms of the format and compression being used. For example, if the tape is written in compressed format, it needs to be read using compression (i.e. drive compression needs to be enabled if it supports compression). If the tape is written in a DDS2 format or DDS3 format, it needs to be read using a DDS2 drive or DDS3 drive. So, tapes written in DDS3 format cannot be read using DDS1 or DDS2 drives. In general DDS3 drives can write and read DDS1, DDS2, and DDS3 media.

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