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When and how should I clean my DDS Tape Drive?


Your DDS tape drive's LED display will indicate when the tape drive needs to be cleaned. The "TAPE" Indicator will remain on, and the "STATUS" indicator should flash once every half-second.

In order to clean the tape, please use an approved DDS cleaning cartridge. The drive should indicate that cleaning is needed, as explained above, by flashing it's Status Indicator.

At the time the drive indicates it needs a cleaning, please insert the tape into the drive. A single cleaning process will take between 7 - 11 seconds.

Note: If the process takes less than 7 seconds, the tape drive wasn't properly cleaned. At this point, please insert the tape to reattempt the cleaning process. If the same results occur, please try a new cleaning tape, as the older one might be at its end of life. You can verify this on most cleaning tapes by looking to see if the tape is at the end, and the left spindle is empty. If the same issue occurs after a new tape, please contact technical support using the form below.

It is recommended that you run through the cleaning process up to three times to insure that all residue from prior recordings are removed. The cleaning tape does not contain an abrasive which would wear the drive's reading head, so this won't harm the drive.

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