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I can not reach full capacity on my DDS tapes.


Your tape drive is a streaming device. If the data buffer in the drive becomes empty during the backup process the tape will continue moving thus leaving areas on the tape with no data and reducing the tapes capacity - This can be caused by poor system performance or by backing up over a slow or busy network.

Incorrect SCSI configuration can also cause data bottlenecks, for best performance it is recommended to configure the tape drive with a dedicated SCSI controller.

Dirty drive heads and or poor media condition can cause write errors, the data will then be written again, this also reduces tape capacity - Be sure your drive heads are clean and the media is in good condition.

If you are using data compression, remember that some files do not compress very well, ie: MPEG, JPEG, PDF etc.
If your drive has built in hardware compression enabled be sure that you do not have the backup applications software compression enabled also.

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