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What CD standards are now available in the industry?


The Compact Disc Digital Audio technology - jointly developed by Philips and Sony - was first announced in 1980. So called Red Book standard of compact disc, many of other CD technology has been evolved or developed since. Other than the original Red Book Compact Disc Digital Audio, there are a number of CD standard available in the industry now:

  • Red Book
    Format for Audio CDs
  • Yellow Book
    Format for Data CDs
    Mode 1 - original data format
    Mode 2 - further categorized into 2 forms: Form 1 and Form 2.
  • Green Book
    Format for CD-i (Interactive CD)
  • Orange Book
    Physical format for Recordable CDs
    Part I
    Part II
    (Write-Once, or commonly know as CD-R: recordable; this also includes "hybrid" spec for PhotoCD by Kodak)
    Part III
  • White Book
    Format for Video CD
  • Blue Book
    Format for CD Extra
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