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How do I reset the FSV-M1 to the factory OS image or restore a recently saved OS backup image?


The OS Reset page lets you copy a backup image of the operating system to the boot drive. This restores the operating system and other system software to an earlier state.

There are two possible images that can be restored:
1. Original factory-shipped OS
2. Most recently saved OS (default)

Warning: Using this feature will overwrite the current operating system and will erase all current configuration information. Use this feature with care!

*This procedure only affects the data on the C: (primary boot drive). Any changes to other drives such as the previous E: drive (RAID5 volume) will still remain. The factory OS image assumes that the remaining space on the drives are allocated as drive E: and that they are in a RAID5 configuration. 

To reset the operating system:
1. Using Internet Explorer, log in to the FSV-M1 as administrator.
2. Click on the Maintenance tab.

3. Click on the OS Reset icon.

4. Select an option by clicking its radio button:

Factory Default Image - select this option to restore the system software from a copy of the original system that was shipped from the factory. Note that all changes made since the system was first put into service will be lost.

Most Recent Image - select this option to restore the system software from its most recent backup copy. In the default configuration, a backup copy of the system is automatically saved to the D: drive once per week. Note that this copy may be up to one week old and may not reflect recent changes. Please see the FSV-M1 OS backup technote.

5. Click OK to begin writing the selected image to the system (boot) drive.

A Reset Confirmation page will be displayed.

Click OK if you are sure you want to continue. A pop-up dialog box will be displayed. Click Yes and the unit will begin to copy the image.

This process should take ~30 minutes. The power LED button will be blinking and the HDD LED will be blinking rapidly (it may look solid ON). During this time the FSV-M1 unit will not be available/visible via the FSV-Central Software and users will not be able to access the unit.

Once the process is complete the unit will reboot and become available. At this time the power LED button will be ON solid and the unit will be visible via FSV Central. If a factory OS image was initiated then the unit will be in the default factory state with the corresponding settings: DHCP client enabled, hostname=SSxxxxxx, and password will be blank.

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