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What is Sony's recommendation for connecting the AIT SATA Tape Drives?


Sony recommends to utilize the on-board SATA interface if RAID and/or AHCI mode can be disabled for the individual SATA port connected to the AIT tape drive. If RAID/AHCI cannot be disabled through the system BIOS, then Sony recommends utilizing a dedicated SATA Host Bus Adapter.


Connecting the SATA tape drives to any RAID or AHCI configured SATA ports is not recommended unless the tape drive is supported by the motherboard or host adapter board manufacturer. Even though most of the recommended HBAs are RAID controllers, each individual port on these HBAs can also work as a non-RAID single channel port. Generally, the SATA HBAs default settings have "RAID/AHCI modes" disabled and support SATA tape drives out-of-the-box without requiring special settings from the end-users.

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